What is IRC?
IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat, it is a real time chat network in which
you can chat with friends, enemies, strangers, famous people, anyone really.

How can I get on IRC?
To get on IRC you need a chat client, If you have Windows or Windows 95 you can
use mIRC for Windows you will need mIRC 16 bit
and for Windows 95 you can use either 16 or 32 bit mIRC (32 bit is recommended.)

What do I do now that I have mIRC?
If you have mIRC and have installed it as the mIRC page describes you are ready
to run mIRC. Once you have run it you will be presented with a set up screen, you will
need to enter all of the information in the boxes, Name, email address, nickname, etc.
Nickname is the nickname you want to use on IRC.

What are some good IRC servers?
For UnderNet:


For EfNet:


For DalNet:


Ok, im on IRC. Now what?
Join some channels of course :)
To join a channel simply type /join [channel name] or select one from your
channels folder.
If you are on EfNet there are two ABY channels that I know of: #diapers and #dpf
If you are on UnderNet there is #diapers (I can usually be found here).
And I think there are #diapers and #dpf channels on dal net but I have never seen anyone on these

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