Some info about me:
I am a 17 year old male, just had my birthday! w0oh0o!!! I like to role play as a
2 year old baby boy. At night I like to sleep wiff my paci and teddy bear and would really
like to have a crib but that isn't likely to happen, at least until I can move out :)
I like to talk on IRC and can usually be found on undernet #diapers and sometimes
efnet #diapers and/or #dpf. Right now I don't have a steady internet connection and
haven't had a chance to go on and talk a lot but I will be back soon.
My IRC nick is always BabyBen, if you talk to someone with that nick and it isn't me I
will be surprised. If you would like to talk you can always email me even if im not on IRC.
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Here is the story of how I got into Diapers
and being an ABY in the first place:
Hmm I forget how old I was the first time I became interested in diapers or where the interest came from . . . I'd imagine I was eight or nine somewhere around there my aunt had recently had a baby and was visiting so while I was destroying the house or whatever I did back then I happened to see the diaper bag I don't know why but I took a diaper and hid it in my room. When I went to bed that night I tried to put the diaper on and as luck would have it my mom walked in and found me trying to put it on :( she took it from me and asked what I thought I was doing . . . diapers are for babies and I'm not a baby RIGHT? then she left the room and I could hear her telling my aunt about it. I was never confronted again about it, and lost interest as time went on then when I was about 12 or 13 I had a 3 yo brother and again I thought about diapers so one day I took one to my room and hid it, that night I tried to put on the diaper and again it didn't fit. so I tried to figure out how I could get one that fit, the next day I took two and used the tapes of one to tape it to the other but it wouldn't fit around my waist still so I used some kind of tape that was in my room to tape it to my waist, this wasn't very effective as it leaked but hey . . . So the next couple weeks I just kept trying different ways to make it fit better and not leak etc. For a while I just wore diapers like that, then we moved and I decided that I wanted to try some diapers that fit so I tried to get enough courage to go to the store and buy some . . . when I finally did I also went to another store and got a paci and a bottle :) and was very happy for a while but somehow my brother (two years younger than me) found out I was wearing diapers and told my mom . . .I think I was 14 at the time Anyway I got this strange feeling that something was going to happen one night so I threw out everything and the next night my mom came in and asked why I was wearing diapers I freaked out and just kind of stood there confused about how she knew I finally said I don't know, then she asked if I wanted to talk to a shrink about it and I said "NO!!!" and told her I would stop wearing diapers and convinced myself I would also but about a month later I was wearing diapers again and being more careful about it and I did that till about a month ago. Then I got this crazy idea that if I started wetting the bed again I would get diapered . . . well it worked and I was diapered for it but I thought the doctor was on to me so I stopped before I got caught again . . . The doctor thought it was a miracle and mom did too but I was without diapers again :( I did have one other option, to tell my mom about being an ABY but I didn't have enough courage to actually tell her so I printed up an essay on infantilism that someone from IRC had given me (to this day I don't know who it was, but THANKS!) and left it on my desk where she would find it, sure enough the next day she was reading it. I had just woken up and she was in her room reading at the time so I stayed away half scared of her reaction to it. Finally she came in my room and said "I read your papers." She wasn't mad or anything when she said it, that was a BIG relief. As it turns out she doesn't mind me being an ABY and is glad that I am more interested in becoming a baby again than doing drugs or getting arrested :) No, she doesn't diaper me or anything like that. I would prolly be embarrassed if she did but that's just me. 

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